Australian Transformation Tour

October 2022

BMC Days Australia is a week-long series of in person events across Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane in October 2022.

Our half-day live event series will cover thought leadership, demonstrations and use cases of how local and global organisations are transforming their DNA to helping them become Autonomous Digital Enterprises.

How are you going to thrive in the midst of disruption in 2022 and beyond?

Join BMC global CTO and other Executive leads and our Australian Partners  in this half day event in your city where we’ll explore with real customer use cases,  the key tenants of the Autonomous Digital Enterprise including:

Delivering Transcendent Customer Experiences both inside and outside the organisation

Omnichannel, multimodal, cloud-first experience powered by AI

Automation Everywhere

Embrace new and emerging technologies and harness explosive data growth to drive highly automated business processes that are orchestrated, controlled, and executed by software. 

Enterprise DevOps

Adopt and develop DevOps processes, tools, skills, teams, and leadership across software initiatives and existing portfolios 

Data-Driven Business

Create value from and monetize assets by making data central to the business, prioritizing robust analytics capabilities, and supporting a systematic approach to data strategy, architecture, operations, and execution.

Adaptive Cybersecurity

Manage the growing risk landscape that has far exceeded the capacity for manual human intervention by automatically and programmatically mitigating new and evolving threats across the digital landscape

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Monday October 3rd 2022


Thursday October 6th 2022


Tuesday October 11th 2022

What is an autonomous digital enterprise?

The Autonomous Digital Enterprise is the framework for the successful future enterprise. It’s a digital-first business with distinct tech tenets and operating model characteristics that support transformation through actionable insights, business agility, and customer centricity.

Hear From Engaging, Innovative Speakers

Stuart Fleetwood

Area Director, BMC

Matt Carmichael

Director of Support Services and Engagement, Monash University

Vishal Choksi

Chief Digital Strategist, BMC Software ANZ

Jason Bromley

Director Value Engineering APJ, BMC

BMC Days Aus is the place for enterprise leaders to learn about,  explore and evaluate new ways of approaching transformation strategy,  leveraging the latest technologies across Cloud, AIOps, DevSecOps and more,  to drive the change and transformation required to thrive in the New Normal.

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